Learning the CallRail API with Postman

A simple way to learn the CallRail API is to make an API request is with Postman, a powerful HTTP client to help easily test web services available on the Google Chrome Store.

Get Started

1. Install Postman for Google Chrome

Download Postman for Google Chrome.

2. Set Up API Request

  1. Type the API URL as a GET request on the “Enter request URL here” field: https://api.callrail.com/v1/calls.json?
  2. Optional API parameters: company_id=INSERT_COMPANY_ID&start_date=2013-09-01&end_date=2014-03-01
  3. Full URL with options: https://api.callrail.com/v1/calls.json?company_id=INSERT_COMPANY_ID&start_date=2013-09-01&end_date=2014-03-01

3. Add the API Key to the Request Headers

  1. Click the “Headers” button and add the API Key (replace “YOUR_API_KEY”):
Header: Authorization
Value: Token token="YOUR_API_KEY"

4. Click “Send” to see the request in JSON or XML format.


Postman Example